how do you pronounce the chinese name

And yet most people want to be able to use each others' names correctly. Free Online Tools. Hear Names, as the name suggests, lets you hear the correct pronunciation of difficult names. But generally they are mixed. Archived. All Rights Reserved, {{app['fromLang']['value']}} -> {{app['toLang']['value']}}, {{app.userTrophy[app.userTrophyNo].hints}}. It is hoped that this document makes typical communications between non-Chinese and Chinese in the IETF easier and more natural. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Hong (Chinese name) on pronouncekiwi. In Hollywood movies, we see and hear of actors with names like Jackie Chan and Jet Lee. en-cn dictionary website Travel to China. Search. Is Xie a real Chinese name? This document gives general rules for how to pronounce Mandarin Chinese names in conversation, and how to determine which name is someone's surname. Lv 4. Chances are that's not an accurate pronunciation, but, unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary to mangle pronunciations of Chinese words to match the common spelling just so you'll be understood. You have to make your mouth into a very tight and somewhat protruding 'o', and make the sound from there. When saying the name of someone whose name has two characters, it is normal to say both names, with the family name first. Lv 4. Answer Save. freezedrieddemon. Name Coolligraphy: English names … Converting Han characters to Latin character equivalents is called romanization [Romanize]. In fact, many people don't know how to tell which of the two names in a printed Chinese name is the surname and which is the personal name. The pronunciation bay-ZHING (-zh as "s" in measure) is common but is not as close to the Chinese pronunciation) CHENGDU - chung doo (-ch as in church; -u as in "cup") CHONGQING - … Click the record button again to finish recording. Guest Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:26 pm GMT. Favourite answer. It is often used to teach Standard Chinese and spell Chinese names in foreign publications and may be used as an input method to enter Chinese characters (Hanzi) into computers. x x x. The "i" is said lightly and quickly, and the whole thing is 1 syllable. There are several possibilities based on the romanization system. Spoken Chinese also has tones (shifts in pitch) within a syllable. The four tones introduced in Section 2.3 are sometimes indicated in Chinese names as the numbers 1 though 4. Also, this document mostly discusses Chinese personal names, but the pronunciation section applies to Chinese company names as well. you / aan. Different systems are used in Hong Kong,Taiwan, and Singapore, where the following is not applicable. The i in jin should sound similar to the i in xi but shorter. Hear Names, as the name suggests, lets you hear the correct pronunciation of difficult names. Which means in order to pronounce this name correctly you need to know the tones. Xian is pronounced sheee an with a very slight, almost non existent h sound but its a different pronounciation than usual with the roman alphabet, Chinese pinyin is based on a Chinese alphabet, not english, so it becaome confusing. Posted by 1 year ago. The surname is sometimes romanized as Ang, Eng, Ing and Ong in the United States and Ung in Australia. It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference material or to cite them other than as "work in progress.". This Internet-Draft is submitted in full conformance with the provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79. An older system, "Wade-Giles", was widely used until the "pinyin" system was adopted in the mid-1960s, but pinyin is now much more common. You can contribute this audio pronunciation of Chinese to HowToPronounce dictionary. Two generic titles that have similar meanings to "Mr." and "Ms./Mrs." This thread is archived. I know that with "x", it's "sh" with the tip of your tongue on your front bottom teeth. However, you should aware that the Chinese pronunciation and spelling of pinyin letters are different from English letters. The following table lists the initial sounds. The Art of Chinese Chop Engraving Asian Brush Art: Carmelia will draw your Chinese name and mail it to you for $5. Qī (柒) is the most difficult part. How to pronounce chia. Because both Chinese and English speakers might try to conform with other cultures, Chinese people will typically write their given name first and their family name second, like the use of "Hui Deng" and "Zhen Cao" in this document. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. 7 Answers. When you stick an r with an l, how do you pronounce it? There are many other documents that cover similar material, such as [ChineseNames]. are "Xiansheng" and "Nvshi" (pronounced as "Xian1sheng1" and "Nv3shi4"). For given names, however, both one-character names and two-character names are common. You want to tell all your friends about her…..and then you realized, you still can’t pronounce her name. Contribute . Non-Chinese speakers seeing the romanized spelling of Chinese names often have a difficult time pronouncing them correctly. Answer Save. Xian is pronounced sheee an with a very slight, almost non existent h sound but its a different pronounciation than usual with the roman alphabet, Chinese pinyin is based on a Chinese alphabet, not english, so it becaome confusing. There was a chinese spy in the NYPD, what was he doing and how do you say his name. Just copy and paste this: 丽花 into the field and change the language to Chinese (as though Chinese were a language, lol), the tones are fourth and first. Another two commonly used titles are "Jiaoshou" and "Laoshi" (pronounced as "Jiao4shou4" and "Lao3shi1") which indicate that someone is a professor or instructor. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Archived. These names are rarely the legal name of the person, and Chinese people usually don't use the English name when speaking to other Chinese people. Since many characters have the same sound, tones are used to differentiate words from each other. The "u" sound is the primary sound that would change if you added tones. Having an English name has actually been common in China since the 1970s. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 254 times 0. is a free online audio pronunciation dictionary which helps anyone to learn the way a word or name is pronounced around the world by listening to its audio pronunciations by native speakers. How to pronounce the Chinese name Liqun. Final sounds are generally more difficult to pronounce than initial sounds. Yesterday’s post had to do with Chinese baby names, and Chinese New Year is coming up this weekend, so I thought today would be the perfect day to talk about how to pronounce Chinese names.. A Chinese person has to decide which order to put their name in the single field: the order they would normally put them in China, or an order they hope will help non-Chinese correctly identify the given and family names. It comes out sounding something like "shew". Chinese is distinct in that it is a tonal language. –uas the 'u' in "flute" (American pronunciation) or 'oo' in "woo" (British) BUT after q, j, x and y, as a German umlauted u. You can pronounce every single sound out in Chinese using pinyin. 3 years ago. Anonymous. Pinyin Pronunciation (cont’d) –iuas the 'io' in "O solo mio" –oas the 'o' in "or". Keep in mind that you’ll want a name that you can pronounce and write, so don’t go choosing a tongue-twister of a name that requires 50 strokes of the pen. Another useful tips: if one only has been given a Pinyin email address, it is more likely to be in the Chinese order if the domain is a Chinese company or Chinese hosting service. However, managing the tones and the ué seems to be very hard. Is Liqun their given name? Nope. แหล่งข้อมูล: chinese philosophy professor used to say it sometimes 1 2. Fear not, NameShouts is a web app, which helps you … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Jin is also tricky, but if you know how to pronounce the hard x in Chinese, it becomes a lot easier.J is pronounced like the x sound but has a stop in front of it.Think of it as a very light t, or tx.Take care not to breathe out too hard when pronouncing the t because it will turn into a Chinese Pinyin q. From the tables, "zh" pronounces like "ch", and "en" follows its pronunciation in "taken". It can have the third tone, or no tone at all, depending on how fast you say it. Thus, a name such as "Deng" might be written as "Deng2" to indicate a rising tone. If you can't past the chiense characters in, try pasting into the second field "xin1" for "Hsin" and "lin2" for "Lin." Study in China. 84% Upvoted. Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time. The International Organization for Standardization adopted pinyin as the international standard in 1982. Hopefully that sounds like fun! But it's still much better than the Hong Kong variant. Anonymous. Few Chinese women change their family names to their husband's family name when they marry; normally, they just keep their family name. 0 1. It is impossible to be sure how to pronounce the name "Jao" in Chinese. First of all, when Chinese people say their name, first they say the Family name, then Given name so if we take If you haven’t mastered the four tones in Chinese yet, you’ll be just fine by pronouncing it as Lee. Is it just shoo-e or shoo-ee? you can hear Mrs. Lin pronounce it perfectly, albeit somewhat stiffly here:[1]. One of the authors of this document has the first name "Zhen" and the last name "Cao". This phrase uses the second then the third tone. How to Pronounce Chinese Names: Covers the fine points of pronouncing the pinyin romanization system used to represent Chinese names. The use of digits and punctuation to show tones is not very common, but it is seen in some academic journals and sometimes on business cards. Have a fact about Chinese names ? Learn more. Sound Chart Here is a chart of … The four tones are also sometimes indicated with Latin punctuation that is meant to show the movement of the sound. In most cases, the title comes after just the surname, but occasionally, the title comes after both the given name and surname. You don’t know how to pronounce Chinese names! Most non-Chinese speakers struggle to pronounce the name of what is the world’s largest tele-communication equipment maker. Do you know their real names? There was a chinese spy in the NYPD, what was he doing and how do you say his name. Ng (pronounced []; English approximation often / ɪ ŋ / or / ɛ ŋ /) is a Cantonese transliteration of the Chinese surnames 吳/吴 (Mandarin Wú) and 伍 (Mandarin Wǔ).Alternately, it is a common Hokkien transcription of the name 黃/黄 (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: N̂ɡ, Mandarin Huáng).. They also do not apply to non-Han ethnic groups, even where those ethnicities use romanizations based on pinyin. Many people contributed to this document by offering initial encouragement and ideas of what should be covered. The actually pronouciation is closer to Naan in English , not man. Favourite answer. Secondly, some characters have been used more frequently in boys' names, and some characters have more frequent presence in girls' names. English speakers will likely struggle with the pronunciation of “qi.” There’s nothing in English that sounds like it, and as a result, you… Have you finished your recording? But this won't help you pronounce it unless you happen to know the pinyin system. If you have a guess at how to pronounce this, you should be pretty close. 1 decade ago. How do I pronounce Xué (学)? Instead of writing it out, I'll link you to a dictionary that has buttons you can click to listen to Chinese words. 0 1. frank. World becomes “weuld,” and whirl becomes “weul.” Solution: Split up the world into two parts, separating them between r and l. For instance, “world” becomes “were” + “ld.” When you transition from an r to an l, your tongue jumps. Note that there are many ways to learn to pronounce Chinese words. It’s pronounced like the last part of Seeds. Difference Between Written and Spoken Order, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Basic rules of the Chinese phonetic alphabet orthography. In China, when giving somebody's full name, usually his or her family name is put first, and the given (personal) name last. If you’re totally unfamiliar with Chinese names, here are the two biggest tips I can give you: In Chinese, the letter Q sounds a lot like “ch.”; In Chinese, the letter X sounds a lot like “sh.” What's Hot; Browse . The basic steps are to divide the pinyin syllable into an initial sound and a final sound, and combine the two sounds together.

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