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stank in a sentence and translation of stank in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by and how, pray tell, did you find that out? Example sentences for: stank How can you use “stank” in a sentence? In the view of the media, the whole thing, 27. Sentence into pic; Feedback; Donate; Home > Stark in a sentence. Meaning: [stɑrk /stɑːk] adj. I'm sorry to say it, 26. They do not represent the opinions of verb. 10. The uncovered bucket in the corner stank. Stank is a verb.Specifically, it is the simple past tense form of the verb to stink, which means to emit an unpleasant smell.Lots of things stink, like spoiled food, wet dogs, and garbage dumps. Translations in context of "STANK" in english-swedish. The name Laflin stank in the nostrils of an outraged people. stank. Synonym: absolute, complete, downright, entirely, full, outright, whole. i may have been lightly stabbed and now I may be lightly bleeding out on the sidewalk tony stank @sbiderman. 25. The atmosphere--for there was no ventilation-- stank of sweat, blood, and chloroform. 0. styycling around Chinese farms where the stink of the pig sties had to be smelled to be believed. Staying at Katie and Bills house was a stark reminder of what would be missing in her life with Alex. The stark red of blood against white snow caught his attention, and he circled the park behind the castle. About 107 results found using 'STANK'. 29 examples: I should say it stank of it. The ceiling was still peeling, the walls were still greasy and it still stank of urine. What does stank mean? The house’s living room was stark and held only one couch. 99. We hope that the sentence will stand as a stark warning to anyone considering abusing the special responsibilities of charity trusteeship. Even at that distance Alan could smell its breath, which. Remember that stank is the past form. 6. As a noun, stank means an extremely unpleasant odor. 28. 1- Her primary stank colors are pink and light blue. 18. 24. Sentence with the word stank. Examples of stank in a Sentence Noun (1) the Scottish innkeeper advised swimming in the nearby stank only if the prospect of hypothermia seemed appealing First Known Use of stank Noun (1) 22. 46. We checked out the tank and the mileage. Examples of stark in a sentence, how to use it. Source: 'Daily Use'. 1, Fish begins to stink at the head. (transitive) to make (a stream, cofferdam, etc) watertight, esp … The man in the executioner uniform dumped her onto a familiar surgical table in a room that stank of blood. As an adjective, it means gross or having poor personal hygiene. 71 examples: One major such institution is the think tank. For aught I know it might go down a mile in depth towards the centre of the globe, and it stank abominably. 22. - Depending on the contingencies… The morning after the party, the whole house. They encouraged one another to positive hatred of the working man who had suddenly become wealthy; his name stank in their nostrils.. Y’all know what a sceptic stank is full of, doncha?. stark. Their perpetual meddling in politics, and even in speculation and finance, stank in the nostrils of every government in Europe; while their high-handedness and corporate greed in the matter of ecclesiastical privileges and patronage alienated the clergy. The morning after the party, the whole house stank of beer and cigarettes. 12. 4, Stink the rats out by burning sulphur. Stink in a sentence. 4- You sound like a stank ass tenant. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'stank' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. The Hanover-born artist was enchanted by whatever rotted or, 30.

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