Associate Dean Message

From the Associate Dean’s Desk

Welcome to this website of our college. You would find vistas of different fields and kinds of information related to agriculture, agricultural education, facilities available and the kinds of services provided to the farmers and others in this website. From time immemorial, one of the oldest and the most organized occupations of the world is Agriculture and you would be surprised to know that the systematic agriculture was started by women! This paved the way, later, for the institution called family resulting in societal living. What is more, as Man began to live in communities, he gradually learnt to innovate, discover, create, develop rear and cultivate many things including culture. Though fundamentally everything else changed, including the methods of farming, toil and production of agricultural produce have not changed. Like the calves hitting the udders of the cows, farmers too plough the fields with so much of care and affection.

Though Agriculture as a subject was taught earlier, a college exclusively for it was established in 1907 at Pune. Eventually, when Maharashtra decided to establish agricultural universities, the College of Agriculture at Pune came under the jurisdiction of the Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri in 1968. The spectrum of the curriculum of the college ranges from fundamentals of agriculture, on the one side, to the most advanced ones such as precision farming and hydroponics, on the other. The technologies generated in the laboratories and the research farms of the college culminate into the most useful and profitable technology support to the farmers. As you surf through the website, you would come across the rich heritage and history of our college, the achievements, the technologies generated, the varieties of crops developed, the awards received and the contribution and performance of our students in the society after their course completion. Besides, you would also find the degrees offered, the subjects they cover and the procedures for obtaining admission etc.

Being a professional college with intense academic commitments and with meager time available to our students, you would appreciate that, they have proved their mettle not only in their academics but also in the competitive examinations, sports , extra- and co-curricular activities. The alumni of our college are in every field out in the society.

I welcome you to journey through the corridors of the website and to the actual campus for experiencing the fragrance of the agricultural fields.

Very soon I will update you on the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the University.

Dr. Pramod Namdeo Rasal
Associate Dean,
College of Agriculture Pune
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