The Botany section is one of the oldest sections of this college, established in 1908 which has its contribution in overall development of the state/country by way of basic and applied research. The investigation on cytogenetics and distant hybridization has been a unique contribution of this section. The work on improvement of pasture grasses, legume and fiber crops other than cotton has enabled this section to evolve many new varieties. The section offer courses in different disciplines of Botany viz; Environmental science, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology and Seed Science.

A) Varieties Released:

Botany section has released following varieties of fibre and Grasses crops.

1)Ambadi: MT-102 and HC-583

2) Sunhemp: Deogad

3) Roselle: RT:1

4) Jute: Kalyani Tosa

5) Grasses: Marvel-1, Marvel-40, Moshi-13, Ghanya Marvel-20, Marvel-7,

Chhota Pavana-490-3-15, Moshi-4-1 and Ber-276

6) Rajmash Bean: HPR-35 (Mutha) and Varun

B) Biotechnology Laboratory:

There is well equipped Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory. The students of VIII semester work in this laboratory under experiential learning programme on commercial plant tissue culture and acquire skill in commercial tissue culture. The practical of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in plant Biotechnology are conducted.

C) Polyhouse:

To harden the tissue culture plantlets this section has erected a polyhouse on an area of 0.01 ha with modern amenities.

D) Research Farm:

Botany section has 4.12 ha. research farm. During Kharif and Rabi season truthful seed production of Rajma bean is undertaken. Research trials of post graduate students in Genetics and Plant breeding are also conducted on Botany research farm.