Experiential Learning Module

  • To get acquainted with laboratory techniques.
  • To study & practice methods of preparation of media, explants, sub culturing and hardening process.
  • To study Micropropogation techniques in banana.

Module Profile:

  1. Concept of tissue culture laboratory organization.
  2. Visit to mother block of Banana of high-tech floriculture unit for identification of various explants used in plant tissue culture.
  3. Management of laboratory safety rules and factors affecting in vitro condition.
  4. Maintenance of pest and disease free mother block.
  5. Nutritional requirement of in-vitro preparation of stock solutions of the different media
  6. Collection and preparation of explants and various sterilization techniques
  7. Isolation and subculture techniques.
  8. Sterilization techniques and handling of the equipments in the laboratory.
  9. Callus culture and somatic embryogenesis in sugarcane.
  10. Micropropogation technique and handling.
  • Meristem culture
  • Shoot tip culture
  • Anther culture
  • Somatic embryogenesis
  1. Different stages of micropropogation, culture establishment, multiplication of shoots and rooting of shootlets.
  2. Pest and disease and their management in field and hardening unit.
  3. Hardening techniques of plantlets and transfer to the field.
  4. Meristem and shoot tip culture in Banana.
  5. Shoot tip culture in pomegranate
  6. Meristem and shoot tip culture in Sugarcane.
  7. Shoot tip culture in
  • strawberry,
  • Gerbera and carnation,
  • Chrysanthemum,
  • Shatavari and lemon grass,
  • Embryo ovule culture for effective inter-specific hybridization.
  1. Regeneration studies in cotton.
  2. Isolation of genomic and plasmid DNA.
  3. Quantification of genomic and plasmid DHA
  4. Gene transfer technique using agro bacterium.
  5. Gene amplification using PCR.
  6. Somaclonal variation and confirmation by molecular tools.
  7. Virus classification and management of viral diseases.
  8. Virus index by ELISA.
  9. Molecular Breeding.
  10. Visit to commercial plant tissue culture laboratory.


Mark Distribution:

Total Credits 16+4=20

Major Course: Commercial Plant Tissue Culture

Minor Course:

1. Pathology

2. Horticulture

3. Entomology

4. Economics


Student activities in experiancial learning programme