The Entomology Section at College of Agriculture, Pune has its humble beginning as early as 1905, when a post of lecturer was created in the Science College, Poona. Prior to this, Mr. Harold Maxwell Lefroy from the Imperial Institute of Agricultural Research, Pusa (Bihar) used to come down to Poona to deliver lectures in Entomology as a visiting professor. Later in 1907, the Agriculture College was separated from the Science College and subsequently, the post of Assistant professor was created and Mr. R. M. Dixon, who was the first lecturer, took charge of this post. Thus, the Section was initially headed by Mr. R. M. Dixon from 1905 to 1910. In 1911, he was succeded by Shri. R. Kasargode and continued up to 1922. Later, Shri. T. N. Jhaveri was Incharge of the Section from 1923 to 1933 as Assistant Professor, and the post was upgraded as Professor of Entomology in 1933. Shri. Jhaveri was appointed to the post of Professor and Dr. V. G. Deshpande who had returned after obtaining Doctor degree from the Ediburge University, and worked as the Professor and Head of the Section till 1939 and took over the charge as Professor and continued up to 1941. Then, Prof. P. V. Wagle was appointed as Professor.The year 1942 marked as significant development in the history of the Section, when the post of Professor was upgraded as Bombay Agricultural Service Class-I and designated as Agril. Entomologist to the Government of Bombay Province and Dr. K. N. Trehan was the first to adorn the Chair. The present buildings of Entomology Section were planned and built during his tenure as Agril. Entomologist i. e. from 1942-1949. Dr. Trehan went on promotion to Govt. of India in 1949 and the post of Agril. Entomology was held by the Principal of the College for some time. Later, by Dr. E. J. Vevai, who tendered his resignation in 1950. Within a couple of months , Dr. C. A. Patel was appointed as Agril. Entomologist to the Government. He was responsible for further to build up the Section in respect of teaching, research and extension. Dr. Patel had the unique honour of being deputed as one of the two delegates from India to the 6th Commomwealth Entomological Conference held in London during 1954. Dr. Patel held the post of Agril. Entomologist till 1958, and then he was promoted and transferred as Supritending Agricultural Officer, Rajkot (Gujrat State). Shri. J. M. Talgeri hold the charge of Entomologist for few months, followed by Shri. S. R. Bagal who took charge and continued for short period till 1959. Dr. S. K. Dorge appointed on the post by selection through Bombay Public Service Commission. During his tenure of 1959 to 1967, additional posts of lecturers for U. G. and P. G. teaching were provided. In 1965, all posts of lecturers and demonstrators were upgraded to M.A.S. Class-II. Shri. G. M. Talgeri was appointed as Agril. Entomologist, Deptt. Of Agriculture, Maharashtra State in 1967.

On establishment of Maharashtra Agricultural University with head quarter at Pune, the State Department of Agriculture was separated but this section has continued to function as Entomology Section, College of Agriculture, Pune to perform three fold activities viz, teaching, research and extension education.

The scheme on ‘Biological control of bollworms on cotton borers on sugarcane, paddy and other important cultivated crops of Maharashtra’ was started in 1962. The ICAR project ‘AICRP on Biological Control of Crop Pests and Weeds’ was initiated in 1990. Under this project, survey and natural enemies, identification, their evaluation, mass production of Bio-agents and field demonstrations on Bio-intensive IPM have been conducted for field and horticultural crops.

The UG and PG programmes were continued at this section till 1972. After the establishment of the four Agricultural Universities in the State, the PG programme was shifted to the central campus at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri. However, UG programme was continued as usual. Subsequently during 1985, PG programme was again started at this Section and continues to guide the students for teaching and research till today. So far 97 students have been awarded M. Sc. (Agri.) degree in addition to undergraduate programme.