Experiential Learning Module

Title: Mass Production of bioagents and biopesticides (AEN-ENT-487)

Brief Note : Objectives:

  1. To impart hands on training in mass production of bioagents and biopesticides

  2. To get acquainted with recent developments in biopesticide production technologies

  3. To develop expertise in mass production of bioagents and biopesticides

  4. To develop entrepreneurships among agriculture graduates

Production of bioagents

  •  Mass production of entomopathogenic viruses (HaNPV and SlNPV)
  • Mass production of entomopathogenic fungi (Mycoinsecticides) viz.
  • Metarhizium, Beauveria and Verticillium
  •  Mass production of predator, Dipha aphidivora on sugarcane woolly aphid in shade net house
  • Mass production of Australian lady bird beetle, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant for the control of mealy bugs, Macconellicocus hirsutus on pomegranate and custard apple
  • Mass production of insect parasitoids viz., Trichogramma spp., and Chelonus blackburni Blanchard.