Experiential Learning Module

Module /Course No. : AEL AGRO 4813

Title of module: Seed production of field crops and processing

Credit: 0+20=20

Brief Note

Module In-charge: Prof. A.G.Jadhav, Assistant Professor of Agronomy.

Year of start : 2010-11

No. of students trained till date: 176

Main objective of Module: To develop the entrepreneurship capabilities among the students.

  1. Crop selected under module: Wheat (Breeder/ foundation/certified seed production) This module carries 0+20=20 credits and is being distributed among the seven subjects viz; Agronomy (0+8), Botany (0+6), Agri. Engineering (0+2), Entomology (0+1), Plant Pathology (0+1), Agri. Economics (0+1) and Agri. Extension Education (0+1).