Experiential Learning Module

Title Module No. – PATH – 486 Title: – Mushroom Production Total Credits: 0+20=20

Brief Note:

Mushroom is a highly delicious edible fungus. It grows on dead organic matter. In nature there are numerous varieties of mushroom. Mushrooms have a surprisingly high nutritional value. In India mushrooms have not caught the imagination of the public at large to become an important food for them and did not received universal acceptance over the years. However, today the situation has changed and mushroom cultivation is becoming successful. The technology can be profitably considered in areas where land is a limiting factor and agricultural residues are abundantly available. At present button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) contributes about 85% of the total mushroom production in the country followed by Oyster and milky mushrooms. The module is designed with following objectives:

Objectives of the module:

  1. To promote professional skill and knowledge of all kinds of mushrooms and their cultivation through meaningful hands on experience.

  2. To build confidence and to work in mushroom industry as project mode.

  3. To acquire enterprise management capability in mushroom production business.

  4. To increase the awareness amongst the peoples regarding nutritional and medicinal properties of mushroom.

  5. Value addition of mushroom for better shelf life and promoting marketing.

  6. To generate the revenue receipts through spawn and fresh mushroom sale.