Experiential Learning Module

A) Importance:
In order to increase productivity and reduce cost of production proper advisory and quality inputs supply to farmers in time is essential. The module entitled Soil and Water Clinic consisting of comprising Soil Sci. & Agril. Chemistry, Agronomy, Agril. Economics and Agril. Extension departments.

  • Soil testing is useful for judicious and economic use of fertilizer nutrients. The balanced nutrient application can be achieved by soil testing.
  • Water quality assessment helps to manage the soil properties and crop growth for higher productivity.
  • Plant analysis is helpful to diagnose the deficiency or toxicity of nutrient which can save the standing crop.
  • Manure analysis will help to interpret the quality of manure.
  • The soil test based fertilizer recommendation will help to enhance the balanced fertilization to crops.

B) Module Objectives:

  1. To undertake need assessment through field survey for providing agro-services
  2. To develop proficiency in analysis of soil, water and plant.
  3. To give recommendations to farmers on the basis of analysis
  4. To develop entrepreneurship.