Agricultural Extension involves transmission of scientific know-how to farmers with a view to improve their farming efficiency. This is an educational endeavour, which attempts to bring about changes in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the farmers.

Community Development Project was launched in India in the year 1952 and the National Extension Services blocks came into operation in the year 1953 with view to help people to improve their living standard. One of the objectives of the National Extension Services is to help farmers to increase agriculture productions. Graduates in agriculture are expected to play an important role in this connection.

Establishment of College Development Block

Considering the need for training students of Agriculture College in the subject of Agriculture Extension, Government of India decided to establish Extension Wings at the Colleges of Agriculture Ludhiana, Tollygunj (West Bengal), Hyderabad, Pune and Nagpur. The financial assistance to this purpose was provided by Ford Foundation. Presently extension wing is renamed as Department of Extension Education.

Extension Wing was attached to the College of Agriculture, Pune in the year 1954 and instruction in Agricultural Extension commenced in the year 1955. A Development Block of 127 villages from Bhor, Velha and Haveli tahsils of Pune district was attached to the extension wing in the year 1955 with the following objectives;

  1. To serve as an Extension Education laboratory to the under graduate and post

graduate students

  1. To test the technology generated by the University on the farmers field by

using various extension teaching methods

  1. To provide the improved seeds of paddy, sorghum, wheat, gram, etc. and grafts of important fruit crops on No Profit No Loss basis

  2. To help the farmers, women and rural youth for entrepreneurship development in dairy, poultry, goat, fishery, piggery, etc. to uplift their socio- economic status

  3. To provide feedback to the University scientists

With the help of field staff various extension activities viz; distribution of seed of improved varieties of all crops, grafts of fruit crops, organization of farmers-scientists discussions, field visits, farmers rallies, agricultural exhibitions, farmers educational tours, method demonstrations, result demonstrations, frontline demonstrations and with the help of Livestock Supervisor the activities viz; supply of day old chicks, cattle vaccination, providing veterinary services, etc. are also undertaken.

Villages under Block

College Development Block comprises four circles viz; Bhor, Nasarapur-I, Nasarapur-II and Ambavane in three tahsils. The circlewise number of villages are shown in the following table. Presently only two circle offices are in working condition and only one Agril. Assistant is covering about 20 villages from College Development Block.

Tahsil wise villages in each Circle

Sr. No.

Name of Tahsil

Name of Circle











Bhor and Haveli




Bhor and Velha