Activities and Programmes

During last five years the innovative extension activities and programmes are being implemented in the College Development Block.

  1. Entrepreneurship Development

More and more farmers, farm women and rural youth from the villages from College Development Block, Bhor are being motivated and helped for creating self employment opportunities by establishing various agro-based enterprises.

  1. Polyhouse Floriculture Units

A few interested farmers undertook training on Polyhouse Floriculture Training at the Hi-Tech Floriculture and Vegetable Project of the College and a few of them have established their own Polyhouses for production of protected flower crops, mainly Gerbera. One such progressive farm woman, Mrs. Dwarkatai Chandrakiran Salvi received IARI’s Innovative Farmer Award 2010 for her Gerbera Polyhouse Production Unit.

The other two farmers viz. Shri. Subhash Mohite at village Kambre and Shri. Yashwant Walhekar at Kamthadi have also started floriculture unit on 0.15 ha. area who sought the training from the College.

  1. Local Poultry Bird Units

There is huge demand for the eggs and meat of local poultry birds. Considering this demand, farmers were encouraged to establish poultry units of Giriraj and Vanraj poultry breeds. As a result more than 50 farmers have established and are successfully running poultry units of Giriraj and Vanraj breeds of flock sizes between 100 to 2000 birds.

  1. Aquaculture

The Policy of State Agriculture Department provides subsidy to the farmers for construction of farm ponds. Hence, farmers from the College Development Block were motivated to construct their own farm ponds and start fresh water fish farming units in the last five years. Accordingly, more than 25 farmers have constructed farm ponds and started aquaculture. The fish seed of Rohu, Katla, Mrugal, Cyprinus and Prawns supplied to these new agro-entrepreneurs varied between 1000 to 12000 depending upon the farm pond size.

  1. Other Entrepreneurship Development Activities

Trainings for farm women in the areas of milk and fruit-vegetable processing and mushroom cultivation were organized. The efforts were made for introduction of commercial crop viz. cultivation of Banana by the farmers in the villages from College Development Block and the crop was introduced successfully in villages viz. Khadki and Kamthadi.

  1. Seed Production Programme
  1. Efforts through Action Research on TOT Transfer of Paddy Var. Indrayani

An Action Research Project on Transfer of Paddy Cultivation Technology of Var. Indrayani was conducted since the year 2006-07 to 2008-09 in the College Development Block. The dissemination of seed of paddy var. Indrayani undertaken through this Action Research Project is given in the following table.

  1. Transfer of Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo in the College Development Block

Considering the demand and acute shortage of supply of University triple hybrid cattle breed Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo, in the yeasr 2009-10, artificial insemination facility for Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo was started to introduce and increase this breeds in the selected villages viz; Bajarwadi, Mankarwadi, Khanapur, Kambre, Karandi and Adavali. Thereafter, efforts were made to establish an Artificial Insemination Sub-Centre at Bhor in the year 2010-11. Accordingly, proposal was made to the University for co-ordinating our efforts with the RCDP on Cattle, MPKV, Rahuri and thereby in May 2011, the proposal was approved for establishment of A.I. Sub-Centre of Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo.

Artificial Insemination Sub-Centre of Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo

Accordingly, the A.I. Sub-Centre of Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo has been established at Bhor under the RCDP on Cattle, MPKV, Rahuri for dissemination of these breeds through artificial insemination in selected 10 villages, viz; Ambade, Venewadi, Shirawali, Pombardi, Gokawadi, Mangdari, Ketkavale, Kambre, Adavali and Parwadi from the College Development Block. Also the pedigree of dairy animals to which the service is provided and the next generations born on the farmers fields is maintained to know the genetic improvement and improvement in yield potential. This information shall be shared with the RCDP on Cattle, MPKV, Rahuri in exchange for the A.I. Doses and Liquid Nitrogen supplied by them. The information regarding number of A.I.’s performed and calves born at the dairy units of farmers from the Block is presented here under.

Achievements of Artificial Insemination Sub-Center of Phule Triveni Cow and Pandharpuri Buffalo in the College Development Block, Bhor under the RCDP on Cattle, MPKV, Rahuri


A.I. Performed

Calves Born

Phule Triveni


Phule Triveni


Since 2009 till date





E) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana Farmers First – Animal Component

This project was implemented in College Development Block, Bhor during the years 2015 – 2018. The project aimed at enriching farmers scientists interface for technology development and application. It will be achieved with focus on innovations; feedback; multiple stakeholders participation, multiple realities, multi method approaches, vulnerability and livelihood intervention.


  1. To take up technology development based on feedback with participation of farmers for enhancing production, productivity and income.

  2. To find out the technical, socio-economic and environmental impact of the project to develop a database of MPKV technologies; perception of the frames on technologies; agriculture as a profession in the rural settings; migration, etc.

  3. To identify and integrate economically viable and socially acceptable entrepreneurial activities as models of enhanced earning to the farmers in different agro-ecological situation.

  4. To utilize the strength of the technology institution to develop commodity specific contents for knowledge sharing among stakeholders, specially farmers.