Success stories

There have been many progressive and innovative farmers in diverse fields of agriculture in the College Development Block. Many of these have been conferred upon with awards like the Shetinishtha Shetkari, Krishi Bhushan, IARI’s Innovative Farmers Award, Awards and Prizes for Productivity and Quality for different crops and the like. All of these farmers are acting as sources of motivation, guidance and help to numerous other farmers within and outside the College Development Block as well. The farmers from the Block have been achieving various prestigious awards from 1966 onwards. However, the names of a nominal few progressive and innovative farmers are mentioned in the below table.

Sr. No.

Name and Address of Farmer

Recognitions / Awards


Shri. Parshuram Genuji Patil (Nagade)

At Kasurdi (Khede Bare), Post Khed, Tal. Bhor

Productivity Prizes and Awards for Paddy and Groundnut crops in Maharashtra and other states

Quality Prizes and Awards for Mango crop in Maharashtra and other states


Shri. Dattatray Dnyanoba Maral,

At Naigaon, Post Degaon, Tal. Bhor

Krishi Bhushan 2006


Sou. Dwarkatai Chandrakiran Salvi,

At Post Khanapur, Tal. Bhor

IARI’s Innovative Farmer Award 2011


Shri. Nitin Vilas Varakhede

At Post Hatve Kh., Tal. Bhor

Gopashupalak 16-17


Mohan Shamrav Sonawane

At Post Nhavi, Tal. Bhor

Shetinishtha Shetkari 2009-10


Kisan Ramchandra Mangade

At Post Mangdari, Tal. Bhor

Shetinishtha Shetkari 2009-10


Ramesh Krushnaji Pangare

At Post Divle, Tal. Bhor

Shetinishtha Shetkari 2010-11


Kisan Baburao Ingulkar

At Post Kamthadi, Tal. Bhor

Shetinishtha Shetkari 2011-12


Balasaheb Namdev Sonawane

At Post Nhavi, Tal. Bhor

Shetinishtha Shetkari 2012-13


Jyotiba Nathu Bhagat

At Post Boravle, Tal. Bhor

Shetinishtha Shetkari 2013-14