1. Sick plot has been developed from 1975 and maintained till date.

  2. Two prophylactic sprays of Captan or Zirum @ 0.2 % are recommended for control of ergot disease.

  3. Apron 35 SD @ 5.7 g/kg of seed followed by spraying with Ridomil MZ-72 @ 0.4 % is recommended for control for downy mildew disease.

  4. More than 3189 genotypes have been screened for their resistance against ergot disease.

  5. More than 3189 genotypes have been screened from all over India against downy mildew at this center till date. Out of these 1659 entries were found resistant to downy mildew disease.

  6. Studies on life cycle of ergot pathogen (Claviceps fusiformis) concluded that for development of infection and spread of pathogen temperature ranging between 23-240 c and relative humidity > 90 % are most congenial. Sclerotia that develop in infected flowers contain 0.42-0.62% ergotoxin. Sclerotia are known to survive for 2-3 years.

  7. After rigorous testing following hybrids / varieties were found resistant to downy mildew disease.RHRBH-8609, ICTP-8203, WCC-75, Male sterile line-ICMA-88006, ICMA-89111, ICMA-95444,A-841,A-842,A-863,A-4,A-10,RHRB-1A,4AR10A, PNMS-2A and 17A, HMS-8A, 1A and 6A.