Experiential learning Module

Title : Mushroom Production

Course No. : AEL-PATH-486, Credits: 0+20=20

Course teachers:

  • Dr. A. P. Gaikwad, Mycologist
  • Dr. A. C. Jadhav, Jr. Mycologist
  • Dr. V. K. Bhalerao, Jr. Res. Asstt.


1) To train the U. G. students for mushroom cultivation technology and value addition.

2) To disseminate the mushroom production technology among farmers of Maharashtra by training agricultural graduates.

Following topics are being taught to the students along with practical. Similarly the related work is also being done by the students.

  1. Introduction to mushroom, mushroom types, nutritive and medicinal values of mushrooms, edible and poisonous mushrooms.

  2. Requirements for mushroom cultivation: different tools, equipments, substrate and chemicals.

  3. Acquaintance with autoclaving and working system of laminar flow cabinet and preparation of nutrient media required for growing cultures of different mushrooms.

  4. Techniques for isolation of mother cultures of mushroom on nutrient media and methods of preservation of mushroom cultures.

  5. Demonstration of mushroom cultivation: Substrate pasteurization, spawning and bed preparation, spawn run observations, cropping management, maintenance of temperature and humidity in cropping room and harvesting of oyster and button mushroom.

  6. Management of diseases of mushrooms.

  7. Visit to private mushroom project in the state.

  8. Management of insect pests of mushroom.

  9. Preparation of different recipes of mushroom and method of preservation.

  10. Cost of production, marketing, finance/subsidies schemes, project proposal, loans, etc.

  11. Technology transfer, farmer’s cooperatives (Case study), motivation, training/visits