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It's safe to say that the croctopus is one of the best water enemy's in Donkey Kong Country. The game stars Donkey Kong and his sidekick Diddy Kong, as the two travel across Donkey Kong Island to recover their banana hoard, stolen by the Kremlings and their leader, King K. Rool. Donkey Kong Country, originally released in 1994, is the first game in the Donkey Kong Country series. They will then give chase. An archive of MASTERLINKX10O's YouTube videos. A Croctopus holds the letter "D" in Donkey Kong Country (GBC). Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. Practice enough to not take wrong turns and actively try to cut corners as well as you can during runs, and you'll improve over time. Croctopuses are prominent in Croctopus Chase, which features their name in the title and their final overall level appearance. Although Croctopuses do not appear in Donkey Kong Land, the game has a level featuring a similar enemy, Nemo. Croctopus Chase is all about cutting corners. The purple variety appear late in the level Coral Capers and throughout Clam City, and they and spin around in fixed patterns with all eight arms extended. Enguarde can be found hidden in all four underwater levels somewhere in Donkey Kong Country and can attack most underwater enemies with its sharp bill to defeat them. Several Croctopuses appear in the German Donkey Kong Country comic. Click on "Organize" 2. It's easy and take seconds! Taking place in the depths of a freezing lake, Croctopus Chase is the third underwater level in the game. Croctopus Chase: One Squidge at the end has been removed. Oil Drum Alley b. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, “These octopi spin dizzily about coral formations.”,, An unused sprite of Croctopus exists in the original. In Donkey Kong Country, unlike most underwater enemies, Croctopus are completely invincible, even from Enguarde the Swordfish, and should be avoided. SNES: Bonus 1: After the Barrels shoot you down (the first shooting Barrels) swim just below the Barrels to your right and you'll be able to go through the wall, where you can receive the O letter. Leaderboard: Orangutan Gang Trial (Donkey Kong Country: Competition Edition, SNES): In the Game Boy Advance version, there is a Funky's Fishing challenge in Monkey Mines where the Kongs have to catch 15 Croctopuses within the time limit. Oil Drum Alley: The first Kritter has been removed. The world's most advanced speedruning analytics and racing platform! I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow Rare managed to impress Nintendo enough to make them invest heavily in the company. //introduction. Croctopus Chase [O] is in a hidden room through the right-hand wall just beyond the first set of barrel cannons. Torchlight Trouble: There's one extra Krusha before the "close to exit" sign, number 5 after the first bonus. A total of three Kritters have been removed around the O before the midway barrel. However, with blue Croctopi chasing them through the narrow passages, it is a race against time. No. Croctopuses appear in blue and purple varieties, and their color scheme resembles the venomous blue-ringed octopus. Acquire the highest score in Ice Age Alley in DK Attack. Their name is a portmanteau of crocodile and octopus. Jump on the platform and you can use it to get all the bananas here. 21.9K . The sections are divided based on when a Croctopus begins to chase the Kongs, which is when they pass it, up until the next alcove, which is where the Croctopus rests at. Map. Source: ( Its extremely unique because of its design and movement patterns to confuse the player they are extremely fast and can catch up to the kongs with ease i would say that Croctopus Chase is one of the most difficult water levels in Donkey Kong Country because of the Croctopus constantly rushing the player., Gorilla Glacier is frozen wasteland with ice caves and caverns. Croctopus Chase is all about cutting corners. Coral Capers. The O is in one of the Bonus Areas. For Super NES Classic Edition on the Dedicated Console, Guide and Walkthrough by WWalker. This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 00:43. leislonjose. Add photos in bulk Join the group and add all your photos. Croctopus Chase features the blue variety, who wait in a gap until Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong pass them, then it starts spinning and goes after the Kongs. This group will never be deleted. Squawks makes its first and only game appearance here. NEXT> 4. After passin… Donkey Kong Country - Croctopus Chase-O_vuq68SUyQ.jpg download. It's relatively linear and straight-forward, there's just a few challenges you have to contend with. Donkey Kong and his sidekick Diddy Kong travel across Donkey Kong Island to get back their stolen banana hoard from the Kremlings, an army of anthropomorphic crocodiles led by King K. Rool.. It is located at the peak of Donkey Kong Island. Enguarde the Swordfish is an Animal Buddy owned by the Kongs who first appeared in Donkey Kong Country and later in most other Donkey Kong games. SNES - Donkey Kong Country - Croctopus Chase - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! This group is open to all ages, so photos should be age appropriate. The world's boss is the giant beaver Really Gnawty. When Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong reach the next gap, the Croctopus goes into the gap and stops chasing them. King K. Rool, and Dumb Drum. The Kongs are not affected by the freezing temperatures, just like the other Gorilla Glacier levels.

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