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Harry Winston came on board, lending the film a total of $14 million worth of jewelry for that particular scene. He sold it to actress Debbie Reynolds who at the time was prepping to open a museum with memorbillia from Hollywood’s Golden Age. So far, only four have been accounted for. Diamond Cross Necklace. The stunning necklace was valued at 3 million pounds (about R55,5 million) and took approximately 6200 hours to handcraft. For its red carpet debut, Gloria Stuart (who played the Old Rose in the film) wore it to the Academy Awards, the night she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Due to his excess use of credit cards he falls into debt. The film had a 55-member crew in Dubai. The A Star Is Born actress brought the glitz and glamour to the … The 134-carat diamond necklace was made with 1,308 diamonds and is estimated to cost $1 million. Janelle Monae. Lakshmi has come to Dubai to fulfill her mother's dream of building a hospital in their village, as her father died due to lack of proper treatment. Diamond Necklace was the first Indian film to be shot inside Burj Khalifa. A dance sequence featuring Faasil was shot in The Dubai Mall. It was said to be the most expensive piece of jewelry worn at the Oscars during the time. Pathanamthitta: Mollywood star Anusree has joined the election campaign here seeking votes for UDF candidate Rinoy Varghese, who is contesting from 12th ward of Chenneerkkara panchayat. While moving Maya's belongings to the ward, Arun notices a diamond necklace worth 7 million Indian rupees. [17], Fahadh won the Asianet Youth Icon Award for this film. Those who follow Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series and its spin-off Hobbit movies, know that the One Ring plays an integral role in its plot. The Joker actress doubled up on her Oscar bling by wearing not one but two gorgeous Bulgari necklaces. The look was instantly iconic. When it comes to diamond-wearing, the new rule is: there are no rules. Arun and Lakshmi secretly start dating and end up consummating their relation. Arun, to pay off his dues, steals Maya's diamond necklace and replaces it with a fake one, with the intention of returning it when his loan is passed. He goes searching for a space, but finds that he does not have enough money to pay the advance. One day, Arun comes to know through Venu, a laborer from his town in Kerala, that his mother is not well. [15] It ran over 100 days in theatres. MARILYN’S GLITTERY BEST FRIEND It was the ideal match to Audrey’s Givenchy black dress which caused a stir in the fashion world. It was widely reported that Amala Paul had agreed to play a female lead in the film,[5] but she was later replaced by Gauthami Nair. Andie was simply writing an article for her column on how to drive a man crazy in under 10 days. Because of Day’s fearless decision to do the movie and the popularity of Jean Louis as a designer, the company was able to encourage brands to lend them a whopping $500,000 worth of jewelry for the actress to wear in the film. Deepak leaves her due to her illness, leaving Maya depressed. Diamond Necklace is a 2012 Indian Malayalam-language romantic drama film directed by Lal Jose and written by Iqbal Kuttippuram, starring Fahadh Faasil, Anusree, Samvrutha Sunil and Gauthami Nair. Today, there is still a search for the missing pair, with an anonymous party putting out a $1 million reward to anybody who can bring the slippers safety back to its owner. In 1999, Paltrow scooped up the Best Actress Oscar wearing a pink Ralph Lauren gown with a stunning 40-carat diamond necklace by Harry Winston to … Lakshmi learns that Arun is married and puts an end to their relationship. Light Weight Diamond Necklace Sets: Light weight Diamond jewellery set usually … It was later purchased by Meyer Rosebaum and lent to Marilyn Monroe for the 1953 musical comedy. The ‘Diamond Necklace’ actress addressed the family meeting of Congress in the ward and also found time to take selfies with her fans. Choose the sweetness of a cross diamond necklace for girls. The piece was so impressive that costume designers created a special gala gown for the actress to wear with it. When he arrives in India, he is tricked into marrying Narayanan's niece, Rajasree. [4] The audiography was done by M. R. Rajakrishnan. Arun and Maya develop a liking for each other. With Adrian Lester, Robert Glenister, Matt Di Angelo, Kelly Adams. While Ben had made a bet that he could make any woman fall for him. It is a scene to be remembered. The diamond and pearl necklace worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was a truly iconic piece of jewelry worn in movies, and has been copied many times throughout the years. See more ideas about uncut diamond, indian jewelry, choker necklace designs. Simple American Diamond Pendant Set for Girls: American diamonds or synthetic … [16] It grossed £7,263 from 2 theatres in the opening weekend in the United Kingdom. The impressive piece consists of a 24-carat pear shaped yellow canary diamond on a choker and has been instilled in the mind of movie lover’s as Marilyn’s signature piece. Arun vacates Maya's flat, he brings his wife Rajasree to Dubai, and the couple starts staying together. Over the years, the price of the elusive ruby slippers only rose in value. With a star studded cast, several A-list cameo appearances and a heist revolving around New York’s most fashionable red carpet event, we would expect the jewelry in the film to be awe-inspiring. Diamond Necklace was released on 4 May 2012, alongside Grandmaster and Mallu Singh on that weekend. Due to a mix-up jewellery fence Frank gives Mickey a valuable diamond necklace, rather than a fake ruby needed for a scam. He moves to the labor camp with where Venu is staying. By the 18th century it was in the possession of Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, before it was stolen and brought back to India in which it was returned to Baroda for another 200 years. They came up with fifteen 18-karat gold rings (varying in size) to be used for the filming duration of the entire Lord of the Rings series. Surprisingly, it was unscripted and kept in the movie because it felt so natural—making an iconic jewelry moment caught on film that would positively effect Julia Roberts’ career and 90s fashion. What resulted was a 170-karat Ceylon sapphire enclosed by 103 diamonds, valued at $4 million. Diamond Necklace is a 2012 Indian Malayalam-language romantic drama film directed by Lal Jose and written by Iqbal Kuttippuram, starring Fahadh Faasil, Anusree, Samvrutha Sunil and Gauthami Nair. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Reynolds eventually sold it at auction in 1979 to a collector for $15,000, who donated it to the Smithsonian Museum. $21.99 $ 21. It remains to be the most expensive piece of jewelry ever made for a motion picture, costing $5 million. The movie was produced by Lal Jose and P. V. Pradeep, under the banners of LJ Films and Anitha Productions. Day played a successful interior designer in New York City. Although not made out of real rubies, the iconic ruby slippers (made out of mere sequin…and a lot of film magic) from the Wizard of Oz is as rare and expensive as actual jewelry.

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