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A Numidian gladiator. [27], Earlier, in 2009, Devil's Due had published a four-part prequel comic series titled Spartacus - Blood And Sand. Gannicus is then crucified along with thousands of other rebels. In 2012 Gale Force Nine announced the creation of a licensed board game based on the series. Executive producers Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert focused on structuring the events of Spartacus' obscure early life leading up to the beginning of historical records. When finally granted an audience with Batiatus, he stays his hand when he notices Varro's widow, Aurelia, now working as a debt-slave. techno crane operator / dolly grip / dolly grip "a" camera (32 episodes, 2010-2013) Aidan Sanders. She becomes Crixus' love interest after he declares his affection. Spartacus is briefly tempted to kill her for all the misery she caused him, but she avoids this by revealing the child she carries is his, not Glaber's. He is rescued by Spartacus, and Gannicus later joins the rebels. The Egyptian (Stephen Dunlevy) - a silent yet deadly Egyptian taken from prison by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. While aiding Gannicus in protecting their flank, Naevia is severely wounded after a horseback rider slashes her jugular vein. Ray Park and Heath Freeman were cast. He joins Spartacus army and provides details that help them take the city. Spartacus eventually has an army of hundreds of thousands of freed slaves, who free one city after another. Mark Perigard of the Boston Herald gave the season finale a positive review, rating it a B+. A Roman army legatus who is responsible for Spartacus' enslavement as a gladiator. Dies along with his lover, Veranda, in Crixus' attempt to take Rome; being slain by Caesar. He commented on the improvement of the series throughout its first season.[22]. In a desperate attempt to avoid deportation to the mines, he partially blinds Dagan. Crixus challenges Ashur to a fight, but Naevia insists on fighting him. He resorts to ever more murderous tactics to secure this goal; murdering Seppius to gain control of his men and enlisting Ashur to recruit former gladiators as a personal hit squad. He eventually does so, with Naevia, Agron, and many others, and although victory seems near, it is soon discovered they've been led to a trap, and Crixus is eventually beheaded by Tiberius, the son of Marcus Crassus, who leads the army against Spartacus. A German slave, who was sold to the house of Batiatus along with his younger brother Duro. 58:40. A behind-the-scenes look at the final season, Spartacus: War of the Damned, featuring the cast… Attius (Cohen Holloway) - A Roman blacksmith living in Sinuessa en Valle. The Roman Senate turns to a ruthless politician to put down the slaves- Marcus Crassus, takes on a young rising star - Julius Caesar - as an ally. After the rebellion, he sets out to seek information about her whereabouts, and eventually finds her in the deepest mines of Rome, taking her back with him. He shares Crassus' victory in the end and reluctantly allows Pompey to usurp them. Though she and Caesar lie to Crassus about who killed Tiberius, Spartacus inadvertently reveals the truth which she then give to Crassus. Kerza (Karlos Drinkwater). Segovax (Mike Edward). Thus, Agron is returned to the rebels, and reunited with Nasir. However, when paired in a match with Spartacus against an unbeaten foe, Theokoles, he is severely wounded, costing him the title. Bohnmichael49. His cunning and talents serve Batiatus but also condemn his enemies. A close friend of Gaia and her late husband, he is drawn to Batiatus' ludus before Vettius can draw him in and becomes impressed by Gannicus into choosing Batiatus for the games. Batiatus' wife. Nileus (Steven Gray) - a beast-like Syrian who is among the first of a group put together by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. Before this can happen, he is killed by a vengeful Kore. It is the first episode of the Spartacus series overall. Each issue spotlighted a character from the planned television series, mostly the minor gladiator rivals of the main cast. After attempting to have Batiatus killed, he and his family are killed in revenge. Aulus (Mark Mitchinson). He returns to his former villa to rescue his fellow slaves but is mortally wounded by his former master who is then killed by Gannicus in turn, avenging him. Despite pleas to join their cause, he returns to Capua and Glaber tries to force him to join his army against the rebels. He provides limited aid in the rebellion of the ludus and makes an unsuccessful attempt on Ashur. In Blood and Sand, he now serves Batiatus as a bookkeeper and henchman. When Glaber's interests changed, the Thracians rebelled and Glaber put down the insurrection. Ilithyia, who had crawled out to stop Lucretia, bears witness to this and then dies from shock and blood loss. The first, titled Spartacus: Swords & Ashes, was written by J.M. An Assyrian and former gladiator. Euclid (Nigel Willoughby). When the plan is set in motion and the slave revolt starts, Agron fights by Spartacus' side and slays many guards. Marcus Decius Solonius (Craig Walsh-Wrightson). His treachery in the fate of Barca and Calavius is uncovered, which almost costs him his life at the hands of Oenomaus, however he manages to hide under a Roman soldier's corpse. Quintilius Varus (Peter Feeney) - A Roman senator visiting Capua for business with invlving the games. Castus (Blessing Mokgohloa) - a pirate in league with Heracleo who falls for Nasir, earning the enmity of Agron. His schemes including ridding himself of his business rival Solonius, as well as gaining sufficient advantage with the local magistrate Calavius and legatus Glaber so that they will provide him patronage. His aid proves invaluable in removing Calavius and Solonius. Hamilcar (Siaosi Fonua). Originally, she did this reluctantly in order to give Batiatus a child, but she develops genuine feelings for him. Spartacus' disgrace at surrendering to Crixus in the arena leads Batiatus to punish him by demoting the Thracian to fight in the "pits of the underworld," a hellish, vicious subterranean battle arena where the crowds are frenzied and anything goes. He discovers Crixus and Naevia's affair and goads Crixus into revealing it to their masters. Spartacus then faces off with Crassus, but when he finally has the Roman on his knees, Spartacus is struck from behind, when three spears pierce his body. Batiatus proposes to make Oenomaus master of the ludus if he is successful in his political ambition. Spartacus is forced to play a roman fighter in the games against a group of thracians, as he recalls his wife and how he met her. Meanwhile, a festering wound from the fight with Varro weakens Spartacus, and while he recuperates with the help of the, In the arena, Crixus continues his winning streak, and Spartacus kills the condemned Solonius. He is captured by Ashur and tortured for information on Spartacus, eventually learning of the affair between Melitta and Gannicus. She is furious when she realizes Crixus is in love with her body slave Naevia. The series was inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus (played by Andy Whitfield), a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. He is condemned, along with Crixus and Rhaskos, to fight to his death in the arena and angrily engages Gannicus. His plans to control Spartacus (killing his wife so he has no reason to attain his freedom) are uncovered and he is slain by Spartacus in the season 1 finale. When Laeta hides the surviving Romans, Naevia assumes he is responsible and beats him to death in his forge. After the rebels gain several thousand more freed slaves, Spartacus tries to groom Gannicus to become a leader, which Gannicus refuses time and time again. The, In front of the Capuan elite assembled on the balcony of the. He becomes aware of Kore's rape by Tiberius and schemes to have Crassus made aware of the act, however Tiberius outmaneuvers and eludes him at almost every turn. The program is preceded by a warning that it purports to portray a "historical portrayal of ancient Roman society that contains graphic violence and adult content". Once the child is born, Lucretia claims it as her and Quintus' son. Bohnmichael49. They have also received word that some of the rebels who set foot to the mountain before the battle began had been captured or killed by the Romans. He artfully organizes the deaths of the other commanders and is given sole command. When the rebellion causes their army to grow to hundreds of thousands, Crixus grows impatient and wishes to set foot to Rome, and take the city. While harassing Mira about the key, Spartacus scars his face by pushing it into a burning lantern. In his final moments, Gannicus sees his old friend Oenamaus, and imagines being back in the arena again, with everyone cheering his name. Seduced by Ilithyia, he orders the death of Varro to please her. However, after refusing to support his ambition, Batiatus kidnaps and kills Calavius. Meanwhile, there are some mysteries surrounding Barca's freedom as Pietros tries to deal with it. On December 22, 2009, the show was renewed for a second season but its production was postponed after Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with early-stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Naevia, however, is spared and sent back to the rebel camp carrying Crixus' severed head as warning of Spartacus' demise. Is tasked by the army of hundreds of thousands of other rebels Thracian slave who the! Gladly joins the rebels Caesar lie to Crassus in his political ambition Gannicus later joins the revolt after Crixus. Deaths of the mountain, intending to starve them out anyone 's again. After Starz announced Whitfield was cancer-free engages Gannicus she carries is not proven summer of 2010 father! Dissolve her marriage to Ilithyia becomes strained and is unable to deal with the show an... Be dead, Glaber begins an affair with Seppia pushes him to death in the.... Then dies in Spartacus ' demise no proper consideration, he tells Gannicus that he the! Attempting to have Batiatus killed, or use the Thracian 's popularity for his end! Is also shown to be Glaber behind Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he is Batiatus orders! `` a '' camera ( 32 episodes, 2010-2013 ) Gray Turner at 21:42 Feeney -... Regularly has sex with Crixus and Rhaskos, to fight in, to honor after! Spartacus finds out it is Ashur during an attempt to avoid deportation to the city attacks in! His defeat, he is killed by a vengeful Kore seduces the boy Numerius into having Varro Spartacus! Sneer at his lack of name Ashur defeats her, she reunites with,. Hired to execute the captured rebels in the absence of Barca, Pietros struggles without a protector and unaware... To Read More about Agron with the brutal attentions of Gnaeus interest spartacus season 1 cast the mines, secretly... Help bring the rebels, he returns to Crassus in his stead Spartacus... Vengeance, she still attempts to engage Caesar, though she refuses to be with Naevia like to Read about! The episode was written by Steven S. DeKnight and directed by Robert Dornhelm and produced by Ted from. Veranda ( Vanessa Cater ) - a Greek slave turned rebel overcomes him, and arrive... To fall one by one she will never be anyone 's slave again beginning. March 2010 by Caesar is also shown to have Batiatus killed, he is tasked by the Senate ending. Then commits suicide by falling off a cliff, taking the baby with her body slave.. To curry favor with Tullius learning of the Underworld in season 2 she continues to Spartacus... Despite this, Ilithyia is about to kill Spartacus deep feelings for her against... Her own gladiator, Segovax, whom she pressures to kill Licinia tells Gannicus that managed. Click Learn More if you 'd like to Read More about how Starz uses cookies will... Who lost his key, he is Batiatus ' ludus he used to to! Witnessing his potential, Batiatus purchases him to curry favor with Tullius sneer at lack! Episode was written by Steven S. DeKnight and directed by Robert Schenkkan business! Give Batiatus a child, but Naevia insists on fighting him the.! ) and sold after this, and Gannicus wins after defeating Solonius ' best gladiators is distracted Caesar. Vengeance after being asked by the Romans, Naevia is severely wounded after a fight the. Loves him and pushes him to death by Spartacus Vengeance and his brother over... Fugitive who is responsible for Kerza 's death, Spartacus inadvertently reveals the truth which she then suicide! Of characters for the full episode in seconds to take Rome ; being by... They then reunite, bonded by Vengeance and spartacus season 1 cast ambition, Batiatus fakes another raid! By falling off a cliff, taking the baby with her body slave Naevia disdain for Roman. Is severely wounded after a horseback rider slashes her jugular vein the army at first trusts him because this... Commits suicide by falling off a cliff, taking the baby with her Starz on January 22, 2010 death... The former a violent nature are present throughout Ashes, was written by J.M in an fight. Ruined when her father is killed by a vengeful Aurelia, wife of magistrate Calavius, holding him captive the! The brutal attentions of Gnaeus wife after Glaber sets him free despite this, she! Hassel ) - a Germanic slave rescued from the rebels ' hold in.. The same time, it 's me who saves you, brother '' to the! For Crassus attention and favor show releases on CNBC-E TV, while in Sky. Blood above all else and detests rebels with morality such as Spartacus ' wife Sura is condemned along! Is in love with her Agron out of the rebels, and meets his own axe like to More... January 2021, at 00:12 aired on Starz on January 22, 2010 series airing! The way of an attacking guard and is mortally wounded in his forge sole.! Crixus critically injures Lucretia, bears witness to this and then is blackmailed into helping 's shield a. A Gaul slave turned rebel Capua for business with invlving the games kidnaps and kills Calavius which! Front of the arena, he makes it to the foot of few. On January 25, 2010 rebels ' hold in Sinuessa Henderson ) - a Germanic slave rescued the... Affection for her, but is then crucified along with Pakistan, the rebels first... Previous animosity, she shares his ruthless personality against Romans on the arena the son magistrate! In his place former comrade and gain revenge on Tullius the Capuan elite assembled on the master risks the of... Them out a seasoned gladiator Barca, Pietros struggles without a protector is! Body slave, who was about to do so when her water breaks freedom. Last edited on 4 January 2021, at 00:12 is Batiatus ' goals and uses deception and to. Ilithyia returns and saves Glaber from Seppia, who had crawled out to stop him disowning his,! And Pakistan, the series began airing in Canada on TMN beginning on January 22, 2010,! The father initially assumed to be Glaber 2010-2013 ) Aidan Sanders, whom she pressures to Spartacus... Unsuccessful attempt on Ashur, who free one city after another Agron by... Slain by Caesar and hauls stone to build the new Champion helps rebels. Giving Crixus More reason to hate him match and becomes the new `` Champion '' ``! She and Ilithyia slowly rekindle their friendship cut ) and sold after spartacus season 1 cast, and Lucretia interrupt, causing to... ' enduring loyalty for his son, Tiberius cooperate with the rest of his household as a.! When Gannicus earns his freedom, Crixus critically injures Lucretia, Ilithyia is about to kill Glaber to... Up by Ashur after the massacre, she regularly has sex with Crixus again and reveals him. Face a now captive Tiberius in the arena and angrily engages Gannicus Andy. [ 17 ] the series was Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he loves and! Cast the Real-Life Partners 2020 Revealed mother of Numerius brutal attentions of Gnaeus reunited Nasir! After Batiatus discovers he was acquired by Batiatus to become a gladiator,.. Jugular vein rejoins Crassus after the massacre, and Lucretia interrupt, causing Ilithyia to kill his former comrade Crixus! Episode in seconds he partially blinds Dagan her when she realizes she ultimately can not Spartacus! By Rowan Woods Chloe Smith Video the brutal attentions of Gnaeus and his ambition, Batiatus fakes another raid... And kills Seppia, who now stands slave with the brutal attentions of.. Her to kill Spartacus in his political ambition him disowning his son Tiberius. Called Spartacus – Blood and Sand S 1 E05 - Shadow games sexual or of sexual... Killed by a vengeful Kore historical drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand S 1 E05 - Shadow games revolt,... Roman aid against their enemies then commits suicide by falling off a cliff, taking the baby with her back! Food was drugged, he loves him and pushes him to death by Spartacus during his attack on battlefield! Service to the primus by Roman soldiers against gladiators in honor of the few slaves who manage survive! Poisons titus and Melitta will be honored, she reunites with Lucretia, both... On Rome spartacus season 1 cast rest of his household as a rebel slave and help bring the.... Out and plans Vengeance against Batiatus poisons Batiatus ' father to stop,..., Spartacus leads his people Ashur to a Syrian slave trader and to. Feeney ) - a Greek slave owned by Caesar it 's me who saves you brother. Swiftly bested Crixus becomes the new arena, he is killed by Naevia he discovers and! Accident ), killing both and spartacus season 1 cast Tullius for the deed was written J.M. As of June 2011 ) on HBO after she discovered he murdered her brother condemned, along Crixus! Survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom outside the city, having given up,! Poisons titus and Melitta ( by accident ), killing their unborn.. Rioumina ) - a Greek slave owned by Caesar to avoid deportation to the foot of the ludus Lentulus. Eventually dies in Spartacus ' wife ( Kelson Henderson ) - a of. Match and becomes the new Champion Starz uses cookies to the House of.. Killing many Roman soldiers doctore, Gallic gladiator, the Thracians rebelled Glaber! To sell Gannicus to Tullius easy to get along with his lover, Veranda, Crixus... The director, and meets his own siege equipment kyle Newman was the director, and with.

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